Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Sleeper Agent

While there may not be a sure fire formula on how to go about writing a contagious hook, it's much easier to tell upon listening to a band whether they've got the gift or not. Considering that my first experience of Kentucky's Sleeper Agent was about half an hour ago - in which time I've smashed out a few emails and walked down the road and back to get a sandwich, yet have barely been able to process a thought due to the constant repition of Get It Daddy in my skull - I'd say that's a resounding pass.

While I agree with comparisons to an early Jack White, the sextet also remind me a little of The Vaccines - if they were good, and from the Deep South that is - while there's also an element of Givers in there, quite possibly due to the unashamedly feel-good nature of the tracks. This is heavily melodic, Southern-fried Garage-Pop of the highest order.    

The above-mentioned Get It Daddy is the track that seems to have done the web rounds so far, while Proper Taste is a newer, and possibly even more exciting, number. An upcoming support tour with Cage The Elephant, record deal with Mom+Pop, and debut album Celabrasion coming out on August 16th suggests hugely exciting times ahead for this lot.     

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