Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Gardens & Villa

Secretly Canadian is rapidly becoming one of my favorite labels. Not only are they home to the likes of Yeasayer, Here We Go Magic, JJ, and The War On Drugs but, not content to rest on their laurels, this year alone they've also gone and signed Painted Palms and, more recently, Santa Barbara's Gardens & Villa

The latter are a five-piece formed back in 2008, and their laid-back brand of Electronically-tinged, Funk-influenced Indie very much reflects the chill vibe of the coastal city in which they live. Black Hills and Orange Blossom, below, are tracks written around driving grooves and memorable chorsues, and I can't wait to hear more once their debut self-titled album drops on July 5th.

Gardens & Villa - Black Hills
Gardens & Villa - Orange Blossom

They've also got a brilliantly bizarre video for Black Hills:

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