Thursday, 10 March 2011

San Cisco

I'm 24 years old....a statement that seemed unfathomable years back. I mean...that's pretty old. Sure, it's not REALLY old. I mean, there have existed older people throughout time. But you compare that to the carefree youth I's pretty old.

And on the subject of carefree youth, I present to you Freemantle, Western Australia's San Cisco. 17 year old Jordi and 18 year old Josh are the main songwiters and vocalists, and the outfit is completed by Scarlett on drums and Nick on bass. On the weekends they play Snes, skateboard and, when they can be arsed, pen fantastic Indie Pop full to the brim with youthful exhuberance, inescapably cheerful melodies and instrumentals, and staggering artistic nouse given their ages.

They've already played Australia's Big Day Out and Laneway festivals, received airplay on Triple J radio around Australia, produced an EP with Matthew Chequer (Little Birdy) and Steven Schram (Little Red, Cat Empire, Little Birdy), and are due to play Brighton's Great Escape Festival. Not bad going ey?

San Cisco - Golden Revolver
San Cisco - Girls Do Cry

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