Friday, 25 March 2011


Although not traditionally considered as one of the UK's musical hot spots, Newcastle has recently been pumping out nuff talent - predominantly of the Indie variety. Little Comets are problaby the most well known example in recent years, but bands such as Mammal Club, Vinyl Jacket, and Let's Buy Happiness are further case studies of a city currently on a run.

Well you can now add Polarsets to that list. They remind me Two Door Cinema Club in a number of ways - the vocals of Rob Howe, the angular, stabbing guitars, and the general youthful exhuberance of their sound, but they also incorporate a tropical/afrobeat vibe - not dissimmilar to the aforementioned Little Comets.

Download a few of their tracks below, including a great remix by Thomas Sasgtad and Hawkins, and stream a couple of others including the Kitsune released Sunshine Eyes. I get the feeling these guys would be a lot of fun to see in a live setting too, so be sure to check out whether they'll be playing a town near you.

Polarsets - Morning
Polarsets - Leave Argentina
Polarsets - Leave Argentina (Thomas Sasgtad and Hawkins Remix)

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  1. Polarsets it's like a mix of Vampire Weekend + Two Door Cinema Club. So amazing <3