Tuesday, 22 March 2011

new tracks // White Denim, Cults, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., Bear Driver, The Chemical Brothers

White Denim - Anvil Everything
Woah, this has got me extremely stoked for upcoming album D, out May 24th. Previous preview track Drug left me feeling a little underwhelmed, but this...this pushes all the right buttons for me. White Denim at their techincal and contructively-erratic best.

Cults had to be one of last years most hyped bands - their contagious, uplifting brand of dream-pop turning many a head across both sides of the Atlantic. Wall of Sound won't have done anything for this rep leading up to their self-titled debut, out May 30th. The song starts in a blissfully relaxed, meandering fashion, while the chorus retains a Pop-y element but seamlessly introduces cruchy guitars and swirling electronics to give it a wall-of-sound feel. Awesome.    

Another band with an upcoming debut under a large weight of expectation are Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., who take their name from a NASCAR driver...as you do. Morning Thought is a track off It's a Coroprate World, due June 7th, and is a lovely mix of Folk, Psychedelic and Indie.

Bear Driver - Enemy
Bear Driver are a 6-piece from London, by way of Leeds, who sound remarkably like Arcade Fire. But if you're going to sound like anyone, why not the Canadian Grammy-slayers? This is some really high-quality, intellegent Indie music with expertly harmonised, mixed gender vocals, bright instrumentals, and possibly the best whistling since Mike and the Mechanics. That chorus is a catchy one too, mind. 
The Chemical Brothers - Hanna's Theme (vocal version)
If you're going to challenge Daft Punk, you need to do it well. Fortunately, in composing the score for upcoming film Hanna, The Chemical Brothers haven't just done that, but if anything they're probably done it better than DP (unfortunate acronym, their fault not mine) from what I've heard. Hanna's Theme is one cut from the movie, and is nothing short of stunning. 

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