Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Yesterday when I briefly mentioned the UK's currently burgeoning Indie scene, another band that certainly deserve a mention are Leeds' Vessels. Its difficult to categorise these guys effectively as each of their tracks sound so completely different, spanning from Minus The Bear-esque Indie Rock to out-and-out ambient electronica. Recur falls in the former category, as the song is powered by a driving beat and technical riff, while front-man Lee Malcolm's vocals, more than a little reminiscent of those of MTB's Jake Snider (certainly a good thing), expertly guides the track. The Trap is a captivating instrumental effort, whereas Heal is ethereal and ominous, with an accompanying video that looks more like it's been made for a 90's science education class...but actually works really quite well with the music. It's amazing to hear such a high level of maturity from such a new band....a real prospect.

Vessels - Recur
Vessels - The Trap

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