Thursday, 10 February 2011

tUnE-yArDs - Bizzness

I can't stop listening to Bizzness by 4AD's tUnE-yArDs. Well, actually I listened to the new Strokes track a bunch of times, but then reverted back to this. In the radio rip below, Zane Lowe says something about it being tricky to categorize which I agree with, but I'm gonna go with Fela Kuti meets Fool's Gold meets....Animal Collective? Fuck it, if in doubt, always go with Animal Collective. Either way, it's immense, and you should probably do yourself a favour and have a listen. AnD gLaD i ReSiStEd, LaSt MiNuTe, ThE uRgE tO tYpE tHe EntIrE fEaTuRe LiKe ThIs.

Second album w h o k i l l will see an April 18th/19th release. s w e e t. 

TUnE-yArDs – Bizzness

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