Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Toro Y Moi // stream 'Underneath The Pine' & New Beat vid

While 2010's Causers of This, Toro Y Moi's debut full length, was without doubt a good album, it lacked somewhat in terms of cohesion and direction. And this is no criticism of Chazwick Bundick (the man behind the project) - debut album's often do, while the artist tries to 'find their sound'. What was extremely evident from the debut, however, was the talent possessed by Bundick, and judging from what I've heard from the soon-to-be-released sophomore album Underneath the Pine, this talent seems to be coming to fruition - Toro Y Moi have found their sound. The basslines are funky as hell, the signature delayed vocals are well layered and harmonised, and the tracks just sound that much more coherent.

Stream the album in full via Urban Outfitters here and check below for the video to New Beat, the second album track to surface on t'internet.

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