Thursday, 10 February 2011

The Strokes // new track 'Under Cover of Darkness'

It's the moment that most Indie fans have been eagerly awaiting for the past five years...yesterday, NYC's finest The Strokes dropped their first track since 2006's First Impressions of Earth. Under Cover of Darkness is the first single off upcoming 4th full-length Angles, to be released March 22nd, and sees the band reverting to the sound that made Is This It? such a seminal noughties album. Everything sounds more developed however....two guitars harmonise where previously one had made do, a jaunty guitar riff accompanies the chords that previously used to drive the verse solo, and everything comes together - including backing vocals which are likely to polarise opinions amongst the Strokes diehard - to create one of the band's most massivest choruses to date. The bridge is the only section that lets the track down slightly, but all in all Under Cover of Darkness is certainly an encouraging sign and suggests that Angles could well be a classic.

Head to the band's website to pick up the song for free.    

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