Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Starfucker - Reptilians

Artist: Starfucker
Album: Reptilians
Released: March 6th '11
Label: Polyvinyl Records

From: Portland OR, USA

Joshua Hodges
Ryan Biornstad
Shawn Glassford
Keil Corcoran

RIYL: Passion Pit, MGMT, Hockey, Phoenix

A band with as many name changes as years active, Starfucker finally reverted back to their original moniker having also given PYRAMID, Pyramiddd, and STRFKR a whirl. I'm actually not surprised they tried to change it in the first place, as I find the name a litle misleading. For a name containing the filthiest of F-bombs, you'd expect the music to be a little more dangerous...daring....alternative. Reptilians however, although by no means a bad album, couldn't be described as the most precarious record ever produced.   

Joshua Hodges' falsetto vocals and the group's Electro/Indie leaning make Passion Pit comparisons inevitable right from the get go, while their synth centric nature is reminiscent of Oracular Spectacular era MGMT. Born, the album opener, is by no means one of the standout tracks on the album, but it gives a good insight into what to expect from the guys, before leading into the big one-two of Julius and Bury Us Alive - both of which have been doing the web rounds in the build up to the album, and rightly so. Julius is the anthemic track of the bunch, built around the chrous' synth line - Startfucker's Sleepyhead if you will. Bury Us Alive sees Hodges getting all sultry on us, with another huge chorus that doesn't sound vastly different to what Hockey (what the fuck happened to them?!) may have written a couple of years back. While much of the album is straight up Electro Pop, The White of Noon has a dreamy feel to it with delayed, effected vocals. Many of their synth lines have a fairly retro feel to them, and Millions even gives a doff o' the cap to ever-so-opinion-splitting Chillwave genre.

While the group must be commended for their willingness to explore and experiment within a broad electronic spectrum (the narrative extracts actually work surprisingly well too), there's just not quite enough groundbreaking material on this record to ensure that it makes too much of a long term impact. An enjoyable listen tho, nonetheless.  


Starfucker - Julius
Starfucker - Bury Us Alive

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