Friday, 25 February 2011

Sims - Bad Time Zoo

Artist: Sims
Album: Bad Time Zoo
Released: February 15th '11
Label: Doomtree Records

From:Minneapolis MN, USA

Andrew Sims

RIYL: The Roots, Astronautalis, P.O.S.

Doomtree member Sims is a frustrated young man. He feels disconnected by technology, angered by greed's negative implications and effects on the environment and mankind, perturbed by those who opt for materialism over anything of genuine substance, and exasperated by armchair activists. Fortunately, he's sufficiently observant, intellegent, socially conscious, and verbally gifted to vent said frustration into 14 cleverly written, cohesively structured tracks that utilise his significant emcee talents to spread the message far and wide, as opposed to purely joining the legions of anonymous rant-bloggers.         

The album is produced entirely by fellow Doomtree member Lazerbeak, and while it's Sims' lyrics that define the record, the unrelenting quality of the beats, samples and instrumentation used take Bad Time Zoo to another level. Elements of genres as diverse as Afropop, Reggae and Swing all rear their heads, giving Sims' sound a Roots-esque quality. The miscellany on show is further exemplified by LMG - an ode, or more a statement, than not every song about a girl has to be emo - "why's every girl song gotta be some big, depressing mess? I'm happy, man". In a genre where many beats are hastily assembled, 3-note samples and lyrical content doesn't progress far past paper and pussy, Sims is an intense breath of fresh air.     


Sims - Future Shock

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