Friday, 4 February 2011

Kids Icarus - Kids Icarus EP

Artist: Kids Icarus
Album: Kids Icarus (EP)
Released: January 9th '11
Label: unsigned

From: Farmington CT, USA

Brian Bellitto
Adam Sahlin
Derek Andersen
Dave Woltmann
Marco Corsino

RIYL: Set Your Goals, Four Year Strong, Title Fight 

Pop Punk is a genre that featured heavily in my teen years, but that I often listen to nowadays and feel like I've grown out of. There are all too many bands in the genre who are purely trying to replicate their heroes with no kind of originality, instrumental invention, or lyrical content of note, and the result comes out sounding like some sort of early New Found Glory D-sides - a description which, worringly enough, probably wouldn't bother many of those guilty parties.

However, every now and then I come across a band who re-instills my faith in the genre, and reminds me of what it was that sparked my interest in the first place - and Conneticut's Kids Icarus are one of those groups. They may not be chowing up too much new ground, but they play with plentiful passion and energy, and enough instrumental precision and technicality to hook your attention right from the very start. The Pop Punk/Hardcore/Punk hybrid can sound pretty tragic when not executed properly, but when a band nails it - then that's a different story altogether. This EP isn't just musically accomplished but it's also a lot of fun. Check it out below, and head to their Bandcamp page for a free download of lead track It's On Me.      

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