Monday, 14 February 2011

The Heartbreaks & Young The Giant @ Proud Galleries, Feb 9th

Music Week's 'Breakout' is a new monthly series taking place at Proud in Camden, aiming to provide up n' coming talent with a chance to strut their shit in front of fans and industry alike. Last Wednesday's event saw two of the most hyped bands from either side of the Atlantic - Young The Giant from the US, and the UK's The Heartbreaks - form the crux of a fairly stellar bill.

Young The Giant were the first of the two to take the stage to an unsurpirsingly packed out room, and you don't have to be an A&R veteran to why they've been touted as the next big thing. The quality of vocalist Sameer Ghadia was instantly apparent as an acpella harmony with guitarist Eric Cannata ushered in opening song I Got, and acted as sign of things to come, as the set - and Young The Giant's sound in general - is strongly vocal-centric. There were some neat instrumental additons, especially towards the end of their set on St. Walker which nicely utlises some slide guitar and a bubbly bass riff, but really it's Ghadia's vocals which are ever at the forefront of their sound, and is likely to be the feature of the band that differentiates them from the rest of the pack. Final track My Body is the band's best known track to date, and is also the highlight of the set - the band really putting everything into it and showing that they can really bring a Rock edge to their polished Pop sound when they do so.

After a hugely entertaining set from Vintage Trouble, a band I wasn't at all familiar with before the night, Manchester's The Heartbreaks took to stage to a sligtly emptier, but equally enthusiatic room. Whereas YTG have a very modern, glossy pop sound, these chaps keep it more intricate and raw, and do a great job of paying homage to their influences while fashioning a sound which is very much their own. I can almost see their parents' record collections....The Smiths, The Beach Boys, The Cure, Chuck Berry, and The Jam all featuring heavily I'm sure. In a pure live capacity, they show enough swagger to imply confidence in their own ability, while front-man Matt Whitehouse looks and sounds every bit capable of fronting the UK's next big Indie band.

Young The Giant - My Body

The Heartbreaks - I Didn't Think It Would Hurt To Think Of You

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