Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The Collectable Few

Jaunty, upbeat Indie Pop Seems to be one of the predominant flavours of 2011 so far. While post-dubstep is the genre that has ousted itself into the limemight this year through acts such as James Blake and Jamie Woon, there are plenty of great Indie bands bubbling away under the surface, and few more impressive than London's The Collectable Few. The guys released their first single Headstrong through the fantastic Laissez Faire Club in January, and the track provides a great insight into what the guys are all about. They strike a great balance between playful and musically accomplished, with some good technical instrumentation in the verses and a more pumping, anthemic chorus. RAC do what they do best for the remix too...not changing anything too dramatically, but enhacing it's dancefloor worthiness and introducing a few nice riffs and variations here and there.

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