Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Midweek misc

Fortune Family - Take Me Away
2011's Chiddy Bang? That initial vocal sample wrecks my head somewhat, but Take Me Away has a real feel good factor to it and credit must be due for providing their own hook and some smart lyrics to proceedings. Time will tell whether Fortune Family's proximity to the aforementioned's stylings helps or hinders the Philly duo's cause.    

Toro Y Moi - Still Sound
Mmmmm, that one silky smooth bassline. This jam serves as a precursor to Toro Y Moi's forthcoming album Underneath The Pine, due for release Feb 22nd. It's driven by a great upbeat groove, littered with scratchy percussion and uses both harmonized and delayed vocals, in tandem, to awesome effect.

Breton - RDI
RDI is the first track off Breton's Counter Balance EP, which came out December 13th through Hemlock Recordings - also home to the likes of James Blake and Ramadanman. So they're in pretty good company right? And they deserve to be too. Not only were they responsible for some of 2010's best remixes (their take on Local Natives' Who Knows Who Cares especially), but as RDI illustrates, their original material is hella legit too. Starting off with a Foalsy (can't be too far from the dictionary from whence they're from) guitar riff, the song assumes an almost Dubstep aesthetic upon the beat drop. The guitars and electronics continue to toil back and forth, yet the balance of two such contrasting elements is what makes the sound so impressive. Big tings.      

James Blake - I Mind
A cut from his upcoming self-titled debut, the much-hyped electronic maestro shows no sign of letting up with the hits. Can't wait for this record.  

Turbo City - Thug Night (Salem vs. 2Pac)
Thug Rap and Witch House....sounds like a pretty fucked up combo. But as displayed by Turbo City, with enough creative vision, it's possible to effectively fuse even the most obscure of genre's. So what's he done...only gone and made a whole bloody album of it! An entire album may be a tad OTT, but can't you can't doubt the lad's commitment to Thug Witch. 

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