Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Acts to Watch 2011....part 2

Aahhh, where were we:

Lord Huron
As much as the name suggests some sort of fucked up Scandinavian Forest Troll Metal band, you'll be please to know (I hope) that's not the case. It is in fact the monkier of Los Angeles' Benji Schneider, who expertly fuses Folk, World Beat and Indie with dreamily affected vocals lapping over the top. If Yeasayer and Fleet Foxes conceived a child in the Caribbean... Lord Huron - Mighty

I'm gonna go ahead and use my quote-knicking card on this one...""If New Wave had started out in the Canadian wilderness, the result would probably resemble this Toronto-based band's dreamy, complex sound." Cheers, Edge 102.1. Bravestation - White Wolves

Cerebral Ballzy
While I've probably seen as much chatter about their name as their music, it's the latter you should be concerned with as this Brooklyn 5-piece makes a special kind of raw Hardcore/Punk, full of urgency and energy. Ballzy indeed.
Cerebral Ballzy - Insufficient Fare (video)

While the jury is still out on the authenticity of UK folk acts, the songwriting strength (and subsequently, success) of the likes of Mumford & Sons have proved it doesn't really matter. Tristram could well be London's next success story, having shown a strong grasp of songwriting and excelling instrumentally.  Tristram - Rhyme Or Reason

Having been compared by critics to the likes of TV On The Radio and signing to UK indie Something In Construction, what's even more impressive is that the 'band' are merely Miami duo Brian Robertson and MJ Hancock, the former of who drums AND sings! Pretty friggin well too! 
ANR - The Endless Field Of Mercury

Funeral Party
Putting the 'Fun' into Funeral. Yup, with a capital 'F'. This Post-punk dance-crazed 5-piece from Los Angeles have supposedly been tearing up dancefloor's and warehouse parties back in the States and, with a string of UK dates announced for the not so distant future, look set to do similarly over here. Carwars reminds me of Head Automatica's Beating Heart Baby, which can only be a good thing.  Funeral Party - Carwars

Although I don't entirely buy into their obsession with caps (as in lock) and general disregard for correct vowel usage, what I am down with is their Balearic tinged, Friendly Fires-meets-Delorean, Indie/Electro tuneage.  YAAKS - HRHRHYTHM

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