Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Acts to Watch 2011....part 1

In early December the BBC brought out their Sound of 2011 list - 15 artists of which great things are expected over the coming year. I always feel there's an element of causality with the BBC list, and it's never entirely clear whether they would've gone on to hit the heights they did, were it not for the exposure through this much subscribed and discussed list. Either way, there are some great names that go into compiling the list, and it always makes for some interesting reading; this year being no exception

James Blake and Jamie Woon are the dubstep and 2-step (repectively) dabblers who will no doubt aide both genres' continual movement towards the mainstream, and rightly so...both are extremely talented and certainly worth a listen if you haven't heard them already. The Vaccines combine a sufficiently cool edge to their melodic pop tunes to suggest commercial potential, and what the likes of Mona and The Naked And Famous possibly lack in originality, they make up for in big kick ass tunes. Claire Maguire is widely tipped to take the title and will be a household name this year regardless, with the same to be said about Jessie J...love or hate her. As much as I love Warpaint I was surprised to see them on the list as I thought they were as much an act to watch in '10 as they will be in '11 - pick up their debut The Fool if you haven't done so already.

While there are some really excting acts on that list, below are those that I feel were unlucky not to get a mention, and who I think will be featuring heavily in the coming year:

Young The Giant
Formerly known as The Jakes, these guys have a fresh, upbeat pop sound which certainly lends itself to the radio. The backing of Roadrunner Records out in the States shouldn't hinder their progess either.
Young The Giant - I Got
I was massively surprised at the omission of this 'gritpop' foursome from BBC's list, especially given the sheer quantity of big-up's they've been receiving from all corners of the UK media recently. Previously operating under the moniker Wolf Am I, their drastically new sonic direction seems to be paying huge dividends. Brother - Time Machine

Chapel Club
This London quintet displays a sense of maturity in their songwriting that significantly belies their respective ages. More tracks of the calibur of Five Trees and All The Eastern Girls will ensure their upcoming album Palace is one of the debut releases of 2011. Chapel Club - Five Trees

Young Empires
A product of the fertile Toronto scene, fusing Electo, Indie and World Beat into contagious dance tunes that really anyone with a pulse and feet could and should be shaking it to. The pre-chorus to Against The Wall alone is enough to cement themselves a place on this list. Young Empires - Rain of Gold

His 'Freestyle Friday' series has been burning up the interweb - E-Dubble spitting over anything from clasical overtures to 2004-era house party tracks, and showing he's equally adept at rocking whatever he puts his lyrics to. E-Dubble - Let Me Ohh

From the graphics on their MySpace page, to trippy press pics, to their music itself, GOBBLE GOBBLE are far from normal, which is really what makes them such a delightful prospect. I'm going to struggle to describe this one....have a listen for yourselves. GOBBLE GOBBLE - Lawn Knives

This may seem like a weird act to include considering how much blog love they've already had all through 2010, but with a debut full-length planned for this year, expect Mike Diaz's Ambient/Chillwave/Surf stock to keep on risin'. Millionyoung - Mien

Stay tuned for part 2....

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