Thursday, 25 November 2010

Summer Camp

Bliss Pop, Chillwave, Lo-Fi Indie it what you will, Summer Camp have got it down. Having proved that they can spar with the best of their trans-Altantic counterparts, the London male-female duo of Jeremy Warmsley and Elizabeth Sankey have been quite rightly hyped all over the shop this year, not just limiting their appeal to fans of the aforementioned, seemingly almost mythical genre's but really any music enthusiast with an ear for a good tune. And I'm not blaming anything more than general laziness for why it's taken me so long to give them a mention, but better late than never right?

Round The Moon is the band at it's best, and is a great taster for those not familar with the duo. A heavily 80's influenced wash of synth kicks things of and flows through the verse, propelled by an equally retro drum sample and Warmsleys nostalgic pop vocals. But it's the chorus where things really get going as the two combine in uncoventional but brilliant harmonic sytle, almost sounding a bit off at first until you realise that it's very much intentional and very much works. Surely a frontrunner for many a Band To Watch '11 list.       

Summer Camp - Round The Moon

I caught them the other night supporting Local Natives at the HMV Forum, and they didn't dissapoint. For such a sparsely numerated act they did a good job of filling the stage, their fairly stand and deliver approach wreaking of the unerring confidence of an act very much on the up n' up. Sankey's vocals were a particular highlight, but the two sound incredibly natural together and credit must be given for how they've managed to accumulate such a solid collection of tracks in such a short timeframe. And my how they love their nostalgic shots...their stage projection display looking more like a film reel of Garry Glitter's from the 70's.  

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