Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Enter Shikari - 'Destabilise' video

Following on from the tragic You're Not Getting Any Sleep Tonight and general disappointment (imo) that was their second full length Common Dreads, Enter Shikari are back and have just dropped an absolute monster in the form of Destabilise. The song incorporates and probably even improves on everything that made the band such an attractive proposition in the first place - Rou Reynolds' unique, aggressively spat vocals...dark, trancey synthlines that wouldn't be out of place on a Prodigy record, and some of their most brutal breakdowns to date. Rob Rolfe's double bass drum is in overdrive, which drives the technicality that takes this track to the next level. Not entirely convinced by the choreography at 3:09 however....

Paper Crows


Love this track from London's Paper Crows. They sound like the new generation of Bat For Lashes-esque haunting, female-vox'd, percussionally accomplished pop....or a darker, UK answer to Glasser for those who have picked up their fantastic debut recently. Props to The Recommender for unearthing this gem.     

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Kings Of Leon - The Immortals

A band that needs no introduction, Kings Of Leon release their 5th full-length Come Around Sundown on October 18th in the UK and the 19th in the US. For me, Only By The Night was a little hit or miss - the undeniable quality of Closer and heinously overplayed Sex On Fire and Use Somebody somewhat negated by a few non-event tracks. It looks like CAS may fare in a similar way too, and until hearing The Immortals yesterday evening I thought the album may have been shaping up to let down. But this is a belter - the instrumentals in general, but particularly the delayed guitar, having a blinder and Caleb Followill's distinctive croon assuming a particularly melodic form.

Kings Of Leon - The Immortals

Friday, 1 October 2010

Loose Talk Costs Lives

Nothing tickles my pickle musically quite like a bit of technicality. Angular riffs, breathless beats with some well worked hi-hat variation in there....leaves me feeling all warm inside. So when I first heard Leeds' Loose Talk Costs Lives on the reliably awesome The Recommender blog, it was love at first listen. They bring the riffs and beats in abundance, and mix in some damn catchy melodies which serve to elevate them above the vast majority of mathematically-influenced (?!) Indie/Pop acts.  

Wreck Ashore, via the SoundCloud player below, is the band's 'anthem' - I can see this popping up at the end of a set, crowd going ape-shit and the chorus being sung for time after the band have exited stage left. Gold on the other hand doesn't possess quite the same sing-a-long value, but in terms of structure and technicality is a monster of a tune. How fucking good is that opening beat?! Props must go out drummer Greg Round - his sparse yet hugely effective use of the cowbell during Gold especially is the mark of a truly talented dude.

They've already played alongside some great names such as Two Door Cinema Club, Foals, and Good Shoes, and no doubt they will play with plenty more in their time. Wreck Ashore will also come out as a double A side single with a track called Some Nice Flowers at a date still TBC.         

Wreck Ashore by Loose Talk Costs Lives

Loose Talk Costs Lives - Gold (Demo)