Friday, 17 September 2010

A B & The Sea

Easy all. Many MANY apologies for the recent down time - turns out that Virgin are a bunch of 'tards and I've been stuck internet-less for the past month or so.

ANYWAY - fuck it, it's Friday, and if that in itself is not sufficient to plant a ginormous shiteating grin on your face then I can guarantee that a swift listen to San Francisco's A B & The Sea will be. This contemporary take on The Beach Boys is almost worth it's own genre these days, and if it were then this quintet would be well up there at the head of the pack.

Below, Yellow Haired Girl borders on cheesy but its contagious melodies should make it a serious hit, whereas Bone Dry brings a fair helping of cool to the fray. Jangly guitars and exquisite group vocals are ever present on both, and contribute heavily to the band's sunshine-in-a-song vibe.   

A B & Sea - Yellow Haired Girl
A B & The Sea - Bone Dry

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