Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Bright Spark Destroyer

Written in stages between a barn in Oxford, flat in Kilburn and a mobile studio on the M4, it's a wonder that Bright Spark Destroyer's debut EP Holy Yell is even vaguely coherent. To even use a word such as 'coherent' however would be to do the band a disservice, as all 5 songs have been lovingly constructed through angular riffs, technical beats and David Adams' soaring, often falsetto, vocal. 2nd track They Already Know even triumphantly incorporates the piano, proving that piano-driven indie ballads don't have to be performed by Train and more importantly don't have to be shit. The whole EP is streaming below courtesy of Soundclound, and I'd recommend fans of Bloc Party and Death Cab especially to make a cheeky investment via the 'Buy The Whole Set' button.

HOLY YELL by Bright Spark Destroyer

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  1. Best new band in ages, bloody brilliant!