Wednesday, 14 July 2010


No, not Babestation.....pervert. Despite being a relatively new outfit, Toronto's Bravestation have already notched up a number of formidable comparisons to the likes of heavyweights The National, Yeasayer and Foals. But what is most impressive about the band is that they're not purely ripping off their influences....instead merely extracting elements from each to help shape their own sound. Take the first two tracks off sophomore EP 2010, posted below, as examples. The verses contain that epic ambiance exploited so well by the likes of The National and Foals' more recent material, multi-layered vocals and snare rim hits not vastly dissimilar as those found on Local Natives' Gorilla Manor, as well as the tom rolls and varied instrumentation that helped thrust Yeasayer into the limelight earlier this year. But having listened through the EP, currently streaming in its entirety on the band's MySpace, it's admirable and hugely impressive that Bravestation have managed to craft an overall sound that could only belong to them.

Bravestation - White Wolves
Bravestation - Clocks & Spears

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