Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Fosse Jaw

Having a picture of a random bathing suit clad lady on a diving board as your main profile pic may not seem entirely conventional, but then again neither is owning 30 of the same white Hanes t-shirts. Fosse Jaw's sound isn't much easier to describe than his love of identical tees - a kind of sun drenched, heavily vocally distorted, folk influenced melee of pop, rock and even a like country vibe in there for good measure. David Formentin is the mastermind behind the sound, and his multi layered, harmonised vocals in the chorus are particularly impressive as a one man band. As someone who's never played a live show and is still struggling to find those to perform with, I'm gonna play matchmaker here and tell any musicians in the LA area to get involved! 

Fosse Jaw - Too Many Priuses

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