Saturday, 3 April 2010

5 Q's and a bunch of A's with....MillionYoung

Mike Diaz aka MillionYoung chats summer plans, the Florida scene, and 'chillwave'.

Your music tends to have the 'Chillwave' tag slapped on it more often than not. Do you think that's fair, or is there an alternate genre or description that you feel better pinpoint's your sound?

At first I didn't really understand what the term meant, and it's still pretty vague. It seems that the only real connection between all the bands lumped into the "chillwave" corner is their close attention to texture and a really nostalgic production value. Other than that however it seems there's very little connecting a something like Neon Indian to Washed Out.

I feel like there's so many more interesting and effective ways to describe music than to pile a bunch of pseudo-similar artists under one title, but you can't avoid it. The main problem I have with "chillwave" isn't even the goofy name, but the fact that it's just another genre, and whenever you have that you'll have people who avoid it just cause they think every band in it sounds the same, but I think all these bands have something really unique to offer. Still, that being said, at least I'm in good company and honored to be considered amongst some really inventive musicians.

How have you felt about the reception for the Be So True EP?

I just got back from my spring tour and it was really awesome meeting fans and hearing crowds singing. I've never really experienced anything like that and I'm grateful for the genuinely awesome feeling. The cassettes sold pretty well and we even got a lot of international orders, so I really can't complain about anything.

In May you'll be playing a string of shows with current UK darling's Two Door Cinema Club - how did that come about? Any plans of a return trip to the UK?

Actually not sure if they specifically requested me to help out or not, but my agent just asked if I wanted to do some dates with them. I've heard a few of their songs and I really dig what they do so I'm excited for the whole thing. It's still getting ironed out, but looks like I'll be heading over and playing a round of Europe dates in June-July. We've got about half of it booked but details will be announced sometime in the next couple of weeks.

What's the scene currently like out there in Florida? Any exciting acts for the future with the Millionyoung stamp of approval? 

The scene here actually died pretty hard a few years back, but I'm really happy to say that over the last year though there's been a lot of things happening and I've been lucky to share the stage with a few really awesome bands. I just played a night at this thing called "Total Bummer Fest" up in Gainesville, FL and it was one of the most fun nights of my life. All Florida bands just having a good time. This kid Michael Parallax, whom I've become a huge fan of, played. He's from Gainesville and does some really cool ambient electronic stuff; super fun to sing-a-long to and his beats are incredible. There's also this other band called Totally Nebular that I had the privilege of performing with at a house party in Orlando. They've got the Avey Tare and Panda Bear style melodies/harmonies down tight, and they bring this really raw and intense energy to their live sets (I recall floor toms being thrown and crowd surfing in an apartment living room hahaha).

How's your surfing?

Non-existent, haha. I do like to snorkel though if that counts!

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