Monday, 15 February 2010

RX Bandits - Hope Is A Butterly... video

RX Bandits are one of the most talented and criminally underappreciated bands currently out there. From their admittedly basic Ska beginnings, they have done what many bands don't have the balls to do - to continually experiment with and push the boundaries of their sound. The progression over time has been phenomenal and, although 2009's Mandala still hasn't tickled my pickle in the same way as previous effort And The Battle Begun... did, it's still an album of exceptional songwriting and musicianship. Their new video for Hope Is A Butterfly, No Net It's Captor can be viewed above.

(Buy Mandala from Amazon US //  Buy Mandala from Amazon UK)

1 comment:

  1. The under-appreciation is SERIOUSLY criminal.

    I heard them for the first time on a long car ride last year, and I thought every song on their album was from a different artist. "Who is this Ska band? Is this Muse? What is this awesome metal?"

    I love Mandala. It is seriously incomparable. Looking forward to catching them live on this tour.