Friday, 19 February 2010

Past, Present & Future

Past: Northstar - Pollyanna

Nick Torres is a genius. Whether with now-disbanded Northstar or current project Cassino he has a totally absorbing style of song-writing - demanding your attention with every bar. Coupled with his unmistakable vocals and the typically simple yet hugely effective beats, riffs, and licks of Odom, Fisher, and Renfroe, Northstar and especially their second full-length Pollyanna make for essential listening.

For fans of: The Movielife, Say Anything
Northstar - American Living
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Present: Yeasayer - Odd Blood

Yeasayer are almost impossible to genre-lise. Essentially Odd Blood is a big, camp, pop record, but there's so much depth and creativity to it that it seems harsh to tarnish it with the pop brush. The album contains horn sections, an astounding range of percussion, and drum rolls that would make Phil Collins jizz his little monkey suit. Although the first single off the album, Ambling Alp, is probably still the choice cut from this effort, most of the tracks are brilliant in their own way such as the strangely captivating opener The Children, sugar-rush, steel-drumtastic O.N.E., and contagiously dancey Mondegreen.      

For fans of: Peter Gabriel, Animal Collective
Yeasayer - Ambling Alp
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Future: Invasion

Invasion are a Psychedelic Metal three-piece from London who, according to their MySpace, are inspired by 60's Soul, 70's Psychedelia, 80's Thrash, and 90's Doom. Oh, and wizardry.The band have an unusually stripped down approach for a metal band - abandoning needless solo's and macho posturing - but still manage to create one hell of a racket. In a good way.

For fans of: Kyuss, Masters of Reality
Invasion - Spells of Deception (Auxiliary tha Masterfader remix) 

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