Monday, 1 February 2010

The Gadsdens

While some tracks take a number of listens to get into, some just hit home straight away (growers and showers, if you will). The Gadsdens' debut single The Sailor Song certainly falls into the latter category - their Tracey Chapman meets Mumford & Sons Soul-filled Pop/Rock immediately presenting itself as a sure hit. Jody Gadsden's hugely emotive voice combines expertly with sweeping piano and vibrant strings, while structure-wise the song also succeeds with aplomb - all parts flowing seamlessly together while still showing enough differentiation to keep things interesting at all times.

The Gadsdens - The Sailor Song


  1. Hey there, Nick. I don't know if you figured I listen to The Gadsdens by my lastfm profile or by my post (, but in any case, good call! Back in November I wasn't sure the song would catch on, but apparently it's just starting to generate buzz. Guess it wasn't a pre-New-Year's-depression-appropriate tune (as it might drive some suicidal under those circumstances), which makes your timing in plugging this better than mine. Was I tripping when I thought that Jody Gadsden has a lisp (as in, "let that be a lethon to me" instead of "lesson")?...

  2. So glad these kids are getting the coverage they deserve. They had a few radio stints last year and have been mentioned here and there in the press... the album will be out later this year so expect good things of it. Check out the Sailor Song video in the meantime - more hits will only help their cause: (And Jody doesn't have a lisp, btw...)