Monday, 18 January 2010

Wild Palms

I must admit that when I first heard Wild Palms' track ....Over...Time.... (above), I wondered what all the fuss was about. I presumed that the band had probably been over-hyped due to their Oxfam-chic dress code, and the fact that it sounds like they might be playing their instruments for the first time. But then I listened to it again. And again. know where I'm going with this. Basically it's a genius track. Kicking off with one of the most captivating and brilliant intro's that I've heard in some time - that beat, the de- and re-tuning of the guitar, the resonating bass - the verse if full of strut and well worked scratchy guitar, while the initially irritating chorus has grown on me hugely. Whether you like it of not, you'll be hearing far more of these post-punk purveyors of fine art (and full stops by the looks of it) over the coming year.

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