Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Millionyoung - Be So True EP

Be So True EP
Label: Arcade Sound Ltd.
Release Date: Jan 19th 2010

Florida's Mike Diaz, or MillionYoung, makes the kind of blissful, swirling electro that makes me rue the fact I live in London. His second EP, Be So True, will make you long for lazy days on South Beach, and nights spent cruising the Miami strip in search of good times and tail.

What really impresses me about this release is that MillionYoung manages to keep things interesting at all times. With music as ambient as this it's easy to draw songs out too far, or for the tracks to become a tad monotonous, but by switching up layers and instruments Diaz ensures that he doesn't fall in to this trap. Most of the songs have a different focal point such as the bass in Cynthia, Mien's vocals, and Soft Denial's synth lines, yet manage to maintain a similar feel. Mien is the track that seems to have been best received in the build up the the EP's release and you can see why. Diaz's far-from-textbook, aching, ever distinctive and very effective vocals combine brilliantly with a smooth bass line and shimmering synth, with the addition of a neat guitar fill and an extra layer of keys as the track progresses. Cynthia features some great bass work with different intro, chorus, and breakdown riffs, and also includes some well used percussion and the interjection of guitar towards for the outro that combines well with the bass. Soft Denial is a more upbeat track, and Day We Met is more lively still - dare I say almost dancefloor ready.     

All in all a really solid effort from MillionYoung. I'm off to STA.


Choice tracks: Mien, Cynthia 
Recommended if you like: Washed Out, Blind Man's Colour

MillionYoung - Mien

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  1. I'm in love with MillionYoung...and Small Black, Washed Out, Memory Tapes, Toro Y Moi, Real Estate, Best Coast!
    All the lo-fi/chillwave/balearic/whatever acts.