Monday, 11 January 2010

Fan Death - A Coin For The Well EP

Fan Death
A Coin For The Well EP
Label: The Pharmacy Recording Company
Release Date: Jan 18th 2010

Ahead of their debut album - due to drop in Spring of this year - Vancouver duo Fan Death have given us a cheeky taster of what we can expect from the full-length. And if these five tracks are anything to go by, it's going to be absolute belter.

The EP starts strongly with two very different, but equally brilliant tunes in the forms of Reunited and Cannibal. The former is a dark, brooding number - bass heavy with interjections of spiky, thunderous synth and subtle undertones of strings.  Cannibal, on the other hand, is more upbeat, and driven by a distinctive intro which sounds like 80's disco, had strings been prominent in the genre. Destined for the dancefloor. Son Will Rise is cut from a similar cloth to Cannibal - combining heavy drums and bass with off-beat strings to great effect, whereas Soon is another more downtempo number which utlises a fascinating combination of more traditional wood, brass, and string instruments with a healthy dosage of synth. And as for Power Surge...the less said about this track, the better. Musically it's not bad, with further neat use of strings, but the lyrics are so tacky it could pass off as a Mighty Boosh number.

This is a really strong EP. The band, as well as producer Eric Broucek, make great use of a wide range of instruments, and manage to sound contemporary while giving a very firm nod to influences such as Pet Shop Boys and The Human League. And with upcoming support slots for Vampire Weekend and Little Boots, Fan Death have the potential to smack up 2010.


Choice tracks: Reunited, Son Will Rise
Recommended if you like: Bat For Lashes, Florence and the Machine

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