Thursday, 31 December 2009

Two Thousand and Trend

Tomorrow, January 1st 2010, will usher in a new decade. What the fuck happened to the last one?? It seemed to fly by....

I felt that 2009 was a fantastic year for music. Animal Collective rightfully burst into the mainstream, Biffy Clyro triumphantly followed up 2007's Puzzle, and Bombay Bicycle Club showed that talent and hard work do pay off eventually (even if they do still have an average age of about 7...) There were too many highlights to mention individually, but all through the year there was more than enough to keep even the most cynical of music fans happy.   

When you look back on the outstanding new artists of 2009, most could be pigeonholed into two predominant categories....female-fronted Alterna-Pop and the so called "Anti-Folk" movement. Florence and the Machine and La Roux are two of the most obvious examples of the former, whereas Noah and the Whale (although The First Days Of Spring was their second full-length, it was the first to really be critically acclaimed) and Mumford and Sons fit snugly in to the latter. All the aforementioned acts have been lapped up by the general public and media alike, and I'm sure will continue to do so for years to come.

However, all four acts released albums in 2009, and are therefore unlikely to do similarly in 2010 - and will subsequently fall off the radar somewhat. So who, and possibly more important what, looks likely to take their place? For this, I'm going to revert to the post last week in which I stated my pick of artists to look out for in 2010.

Female-fronted pop looks in a great position to build upon its 2009 success, with artists such as Ellie Goulding and Rox looking more than likely to break this year. Although not mentioned in my list, it could be a great year for some of the other acts in the Anti-Folk stable - Cherbourg and King Charles come to mind. But two movements to look out in the coming year - both of which have been sparse in the mainstream over the past couple of decades at least - are The Drums' potent Surf/Rock'n'Roll concoction (Surfer Blood are another band who do this very well), and the frenetic, angluar Indie Pop played by the likes of Two Door Cinema Club and Everything Everything. Both have been swarming over the blogosphere this year, so it will be fascinating to see where it can go from here...

I've got a poll up on the right hand side of the page - if anyone's got a spare sec, it would be great to see which of the above genres have your vote.

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