Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Morning Teleportation

When you listen to so much music on a daily basis, I think it's only natural that you start becoming a bit more of an aural snob. Not in a 'my musical taste is considerably superior to yours' kind of way, but songs that may have appealed a few years back start getting nonchalantly skipped for their lack of groundbreaking invention, and only the most ear-catching make it through a full play....sort of like musical Darwinism....

Well not only did Bowling Green KY quintet Morning Teleportation's track Expanding Anyway make it through a full listen, but it's been pretty much solidly on repeat since then. The piece de resistance of the track is very much vocalist Tiger's (STRONG name) frantic delivery, but instrumentally the track is also hugely accomplished, and sound-wise they're a massive breath of fresh air.

Download the track for free below, and if you still need any further conviction of the group's talents, then check out the video below of their Letterman performance a couple of months back

Morning Teleportation - Expanding Anyway

Gotye - new track

Breakup's a bitch. Thankfully, the brilliantly named Aussie Wally De Backer a.k.a. Gotye has channeled all associated emotions into new jam Sombody That I Used To Know - including one of the most massivest choruses of the year so far.

The track features rising starlet Kimbra, and is the first insight into upcoming album Making Mirrors, due out in August.  

Friday, 17 June 2011


Poor old question mark. With bands such as Therapy? and Why? achieving prominence in the 90's, it was loving life. Having a ball. But since the turn of the century, its grave nemesis, exclamation mark, has been hogging the limelight. Panic! At The Disco, The Go! Team, Holy Ghost!, hell even '!!!' (pronounced chk-chk-chk....of course). But question mark can hold its head high with its recent representation, Brooklyn's Shark?.

So with the name waffle out of the way, what do these chaps sound like? Well, they are very much a mix of Garage Rock and Post-Punk in equal measure. Two unusal genres to splice, but I think thats why it's such an effective sound. The influences are clear to hear - Sonic Youth, Joy Division, The Pixies, and a healthy dose of Interpol's Paul Banks in front man [insert name here]'s vocals, yet nothing sounds contrived.

Get your ears around a couple of their track below, and if what you hear pleases you head on over to their Bandcamp page where you can pick up debut album True Waste.   

Shark? - Down Low
Shark? - Shark?

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Bon Iver - 'Calgary' // vid and Thunderlust remix

Having already waxed nuff lyricals about Bon Iver's upcoming, self-titled, sophomore full-length, I'm just going to let the music do the talking. Below is the new video for Calgary, as well as a handy remix from seemingly little-known Northampton, MA producer Thuderlust, which brings a lil retro Electro, cosmic sum'n to the track.

Bon Iver - Calgary (Thunderlust Remix)

The Weeknd - new track 'The Birds (Part 1)'

Hot off the press....a new 'un from Toronto Future Rn'B musician Abel Tesfaye aka The Weeknd. First mixtape House Of Balloons, released earlier this year, was a stellar effort and if The Birds (Part 1) is anything to go by then I'm sure upcoming second effort Thursday won't be too shabby either. I've heard murmurings of both major label and MAJOR collaboration interest, so no doubt Abel will be an interesting guy to keep your eye on in coming months.

The Weeknd - The Birds (Part 1)

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Gardens & Villa

Secretly Canadian is rapidly becoming one of my favorite labels. Not only are they home to the likes of Yeasayer, Here We Go Magic, JJ, and The War On Drugs but, not content to rest on their laurels, this year alone they've also gone and signed Painted Palms and, more recently, Santa Barbara's Gardens & Villa

The latter are a five-piece formed back in 2008, and their laid-back brand of Electronically-tinged, Funk-influenced Indie very much reflects the chill vibe of the coastal city in which they live. Black Hills and Orange Blossom, below, are tracks written around driving grooves and memorable chorsues, and I can't wait to hear more once their debut self-titled album drops on July 5th.

Gardens & Villa - Black Hills
Gardens & Villa - Orange Blossom

They've also got a brilliantly bizarre video for Black Hills:

The Rapture - 'How Deep Is Your Love'

The Rapture are back with a banger! While we have to wait until September to hear The New York Disco-Punks' new album In The Grace Of Your Love, new track How Deep Is Your Love presents us with an exciting preview into what we can expect from their 4th full-length, released through the ever-awesome DFA i.e. who just lost LCD Soundsystem - "meh, we'll just go and sign The Rapture, no biggie".

Download the track for free below, and also check out what I think is a pretty rad idea for a low-budget-at-best promo vid for the track.

The Rapture - How Deep Is Your Love